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Surtec 650

Surtec 650 for corrosion resistant metals

Manor Metal Finishing Ltd provides superior quality Surtec 650 to protect the metals you possess from corrosion.

What is Surtec 650?

Surtec 650 is a Hexavalent chromium free passivation for aluminium, magnesium & casted aluminium alloys. It is suitable for post-treatment of anodising and conversion coating of magnesium alloys. It is an excellent bare corrosion protection when compared to hexavalent passivation. 
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Surtec 650 metal rods
multi-sized Surtec 650

Surtec 650 is suitable for 

- Aerospace industry
- Electronics industry
- Metal pre-treatment
- Electrical industries
- Metal manufacturing factories
Based in Essex, Manor Metal Finishing Ltd also provides iriditing and zinc plating services across the South East of England including London and Kent.
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