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Expert anodising in Essex

If you are looking for anodising experts in South East London, then look no further than Manor Metal Finishing Ltd in Essex. 

Protection for your aluminium components

At Manor Metal Finishing Ltd, our specialists work as per your specifications to provide excellent chromate coating, fit for purpose. We provide anodising in all colours including silver.
The anodising process produces a complex chromate film over the entire surface of aluminium to protect items from oxidation and corrosion. Our expertise and the technology we use, helps us calculate the ideal thickness of film suitable for your component.
aluminium chain
Black and silver anodising

Anodising services include

- Black and silver anodising
- Caunit dip
- Alocrom 1000 / 1200
- Anodising - all colours
- Surtec 650
- Iriditing
Zinc plating - clear, colour passivate and black passivate
Get in touch with us and find out more about our services.
Call us on 01268 758 211 for silver anodising in Essex.
We serve across South East England including London and Kent.
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