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Iriditing specialists in Essex

Do you require Iridite for aluminium alloys? Your search ends at Manor Metal Finishing Ltd. Choose us for quality coating across South East England including Kent and London.

What is Iridite?

Iriditing is a chromate conversion coating on an aluminium substrate. They are used on aluminium alloy parts in the aircraft industry. It is a chemical process that produces a protective chromate conversion film on metals, especially aluminium. The coating can be used as a final finish for a metal product or can be dyed with various colours. 
Would you like to know more about Iridite? We are just a call away. Contact us now.
varied shapes of Iriditing
Iridite application

Application of Iridite

Iridite is applied using:
- Brush    - Swab    - Spray
It produces coatings ranging from clear to dark yellow. The darker coatings provides the greatest corrosion protection for the aluminium alloys. Based in Essex, we provide exceptional iriditing and zinc plating services across South East England including London and Kent.
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for quality aluminium Iridite in Essex.
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